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When the government of Catalonia devotes little time to the Catalan language

When the government of Catalonia devotes little time to the Catalan language

So the current leaders of the Catalan government they want to “work for independence”, but they are unable to use the Catalan language as they should… At the very least, conduct worthy of debauchery, a joke. Is that how you want to sell Catalonia's image abroad? What kind of political credibility will they achieve if they are unable to spend more minutes in Catalonia's own language before consuls in Barcelona? If they are unable to do the least, forget the most complex political projects. I wonder what the Platform per la Llengua, an organization that works day and night to promote the Catalan language in society, will tell about this episode.

I will explain the complaint. On July 15, the Catalan government's Foreign Affairs advisor, Victoria Alsina, and the president of Catalonia, Pere Aragones, made a speech before consuls, in Barcelona, in which they defended - as always, and to the winds - the "amnesty and a referendum on self-determination agreed with the Spanish government“. Spain's government leaders will likely continue to laugh, and rightly so. O catalan president he assured, before the consuls, that his government would maintain an “unequivocal commitment” to the basic principles of democracy and freedom. The "commitment" was fully announced in Castilian, language that dominated his speech, with a considerably longer time than the time reserved for English. Catalan language? Any word. Your most basic commitment, Pere Aragonès, needs to be with the native language of Catalonia.

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The “commitment to the basic principles of democracy” and the “dialogue” with the Spanish State – more laughter and applause for the comedy – were also announced by Victoria Alsina. As the editor of the Vilaweb portal, Vincent Partal, the Foreign Affairs representative of Catalonia, dedicated 6 minutes and 30 seconds to Spanish, 1 minute and 18 seconds to English, 40 seconds to catalan and 2 seconds to French.

Many people tried to sell the idea that the presentation of the Catalan leaders was “multilingual”. In fact, there were four languages ​​present, but in an incomprehensibly uneven way. On the other hand, some media, such as the E-News portal, argue that Victòria Alsina was criticized for speaking in Spanish (“Critiques of the counselor for speaking in Spanish”). As an economist often says in some posts on Facebook: “Alma candida…”.

It is necessary that candid souls understand that criticism against Victoria Alsina they are justified by the fact that they devote almost no time to the Catalan language, not because they have spoken in Castilian. As Vincent Partal explains in his editorial publication, “the vast majority of honorary consuls, which are many in Barcelona, ​​are Catalans who normally speak Catalan perfectly“. Therefore, it is unjustifiable that the own language (let's not confuse with official language) have a ridiculous 40 seconds of presence. In a more coherent and fair way, Catalan and Castilian should have very approximate times, followed by English and French. However, the Catalan language appeared like crumbs in the speech of those politicians who promise to “work” for “dialogue” with the Spanish State and for “self-determination”.

The first self-determination for which Messrs. Pere Aragonès and Victoria Alsina should work is for linguistic identity. A Catalonia without leaders who have this awareness is a territory like any other in Spain. Independence? Forget it. No state with a minimum of decency will recognize an independent territory where the leaders themselves leave their own language in the background.

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