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When Pep Guardiola doesn't win, the envious ones break the traps

When Pep Guardiola doesn't win, the envious ones break the traps

A Europe Champions League, the Confinement League, the shameful elimination of Barça, the League of a new disappointment starring Neymar's PSG… The 2020/2021 Champions League has come to an end. Party of Chelsea, regret of Manchester City, a feast of hallucinogens in the ghettos of Madrid, Cornellà and some corners of Brazil, where the envious break the traps when Pep Guardiola doesn't win.

It's understandable. When the best they can do is a return to the first division of a national league (Espanyol) and an untitled season (Real Madrid), it is normal for the bash to be showered with crumbled bread and Catalan colony produced by an unconventional means. It is absolutely understandable that this will happen when the third coach with the most titles in the history of men's football fails to win the Champions League, extending the title drought in the tournament. With so much Catalan colony ingested, it is normal for consciousness to be affected, for vision to be unable to consider others titles won by the teams of Guardiola. It is normal for the above-average intake of certain fluids to alter the perception of how to win.

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Like it or not, Pep Guardiola, at age 50, has an impressive curriculum, built with style and 31 titles. A style recognized in Barcelona, ​​Munich, Manchester and in many other places in the world, also in Madrid, of course. Certainly, Pep Guardiola will have more opportunities to go back to the Champions League final, and win it. Do I need to win again? No, because you have nothing to demonstrate. However, it will be an immense pleasure to see him winning, raising trophies, imposing a style of play that cannot be matched by any contemporary coach. It will be a pleasure to see the desperate rush in the ghettos, both in the days of music with the sun in the face and in the days of cologne rain.

Each Guardiola title is a small tribute to Catalonia. Each defeat of yours is a festive auction that shakes the mousetrap. Viva la vida, and more Coldplay!

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