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Salvador Illa accuses Pere Aragonés of ruling "only for half of Catalonia"

Salvador Illa accuses Pere Aragonés of ruling "only for half of Catalonia"

In an organized debate this Sunday about the 2023 municipal elections, the leader of the parliamentary group of PSC in the Catalan Chamber, Salvador Island, accused Pere Aragonese to govern “only for half of Catalonia”. The former Minister of Health of the Spanish government also criticized the Catalan president for rejecting the creation of a Dialogue Table between the Catalan parties: “He likes monologues and only talk to people who think like him about amnesty and self-determination, but I want to talk to everyone”, guaranteed Salvador Illa.

In this sense, the socialist affirmed that the republican leader is transforming, “more quickly than he thought”, into a president who governs “only for one half”, and that the Catalonia "needs a president who governs for all".

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