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Catalan radios on the portal Aqui Catalunha

Catalan radios on the portal Aqui Catalunha

Since January 9, 2021, the Aqui Catalunha offers its audience the possibility to listen to radio in Catalan. It is a way of expanding access to content produced by the best Catalan language media. In addition, it is a way of spread the language in Portuguese-speaking lands. We also recently made available a Occitan language radio.

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Among the radio options, there are Catalunya Radio, RAC1, Radio Arrels (from Catalunya Nord), Vilablareix Radio (with 24 hours of songs in Catalan), National Radio of Andorra e Radio Occitan.

As you can see, we bet on radios that cover different parts of Catalan countries (Catalan Countries), which are the territories they have in common the Catalan language and culture, as are also the Country Valencià (Valencian Country), Illes Balears (Balearic Islands), Ponent Fringe (territory administratively linked to Aragon) and Alghero (in Sardinia).

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In addition to the radios, the Aqui Catalunha also provides a weather map focusing on catalan territories. This map is provided by Windy, tool for visualization of climatic conditions and weather forecasts.

We also provide a new online store, with products made or inspired by Catalonia (games, books, clothes and accessories). The purchase of them allows our portal to receive small commissions, essential for the continuity of our work.

Last but not least, we've revamped the Reader Contribution Tool. To find out how to help the Aqui Catalunha with small donations, click here.


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