Published tutorial to promote the use of Catalan in video games

This Tuesday, the Platform per la Llengua published a tutorial to promote the use of Catalan in videogames. According to information obtained by the NGO, which has been working for nearly thirty years to encourage the use of the Catalan language in all social spheres of the so-called Catalan countries, only 55% of the games launched in Catalonia and 11% of those launched in the Valencian country include the language. Catalan.

According to the organization, the Catalan-speaking territories are the places in the Spanish State where “most games are produced. game“and that, therefore, there is an “opportunity” to promote the inclusion of the Catalan language in these products

Among the best-known examples of games that do not include the Catalan language are Resident Evil, FIFA, Super Mario and League of Legends.

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The tutorial, which can be read next link, has 16 pages, and has the advantages of including the Catalan language in the world of videogames. In addition, the tutorial includes a list of programs and digital magazines specializing in games, and whose contents are written in catalan.




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