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Portal G1, learn to better inform about Catalonia

Portal G1, learn to better inform about Catalonia

It is not the first and will not be the last open letter from this portal to any means of communication in Portuguese. Out of respect for our readers and those who still don't know our portal, and want to know more about the Catalan news, I'm writing this editorial to clarify some points mentioned by the G1 Portal about Catalonia. It is unacceptable that a means of communication with such repercussion power continues to deal with such an important issue in such an amateurish and careless way.

The "information" of the G1 Portal on Catalan politics

O Aqui Catalunha it exists to do what the Portuguese language portals, whether in Brazil, Portugal or any other Portuguese-speaking country, do not: treat Catalan news in the news about Spain in the way it needs to be treated. This is done through the following points:

  • In-depth search in as much as possible sites, not just through agreements with international agencies. O Aqui Catalunha does not have an agreement with any agency, but knows how to research;
  • Through learning the Catalan language. Because? Because it is through the Catalan language that editors will be able to better understand the current situation in Catalonia. It is a gesture of ignorance to set that fact aside. It is the languages ​​proper to a territory, and lessened in a broad context, that better translate and describe a given reality. In this editorial, I quote the example of the Vilaweb portal.

These are two basic points. Troubled? Yes, but necessary for anyone who takes journalism seriously. At news about Pedro Sánchez's speech in Barcelona, this Monday, serious journalism was not left aside by the G1 Portal: it was trampled on.

But how did Portal G1 build the news about Sánchez's visit to Barcelona? What information was used to recall some of the imprisoned Catalan independence leaders? Let's see:

  1. Nowhere in the publication did the G1 Portal contextualize Sánchez's visit to the Catalan capital. As you can see in our page on Facebook, we published four videos that showed the exterior of the Teatro Liceu, where Sánchez gave his speech on pardons. Why did Portal G1 not mention the manifestation? Just because there was no confrontation between police and protesters?
  2. The use of the term "separatist" instead of "independentist". There is a subtle difference between the terms, and any journalist who respects the profession and the intelligence of readers should be aware of it. In Catalonia, there is a popular movement for independence. There is a desire for independence for many reasons. Once again, it is necessary to inform our readers that it is not the role of the portal Aqui Catalunha defend or be against Catalan independence. Those people who consider our work in favor of Catalonia's independence need to think twice before saying certain things. Our work is limited to providing information about a reality. This has a name: freedom of information, which needs to be defended unconditionally. Knowing realities outside our circle is enriching. The more information, the less ignorance. Returning to the distinction between "separation" and "independence": "separatism" is a term mostly associated with a negative view and, when possible, accusations against a terrorist movement. As far as we know, the Catalan independence movement is not characterized by having ties to terrorism. Why is there so much resistance to using the correct term? Is it because of some fear that something similar will happen in large proportions in another Portuguese-speaking country?
  3. According to Portal G1, Oriol Junqueras was “the president of Catalonia” in 2017. Regardless of the terms used, which were not the ones I used, in quotes, the most serious content is in the function given to Junqueras. In 2017, the Catalan president was Carles Puigdemont. Oriol Junqueras was the vice president. An innocent Wikipedia search would prevent such a stupid mistake. There are references in Portuguese, easy to understand.
  4. Carme Forcadell is described as the "leader of the Catalan Parliament". What do you mean “leader”? Where is the respect? she was president. From the way the information was presented, it appears that the G1 Portal was referring to a leader of a criminal group. Furthermore, as a complement, the G1 “informs” that, before Carme Forcadell was “leader” of Parliament, it belonged to “an organization of the separatist civil entity”. Portal G1 could have done a decent job if it had informed that Carme Forcadell, before being President of the Catalan Parliament, was President of the independence civil entity known as the Catalan National Assembly. From the way the portal “reported”, it seems that Carme Forcadell was a delinquent of a separatist group and, preferably, a terrorist.
  5. Finally, to close with a cardboard key, Portal G1 refers to Jordi Cuixart as “former leader of the mnium organization, of civil disobedience". In other words, they ignore that he is still the president of the entity, and that the émnium is Cultural (niummnium Cultural), in addition to shamefully limiting it to a role of disobedience. For those who don't know, Òmnium Cultural played a vital role in promoting the Catalan language and culture.. It is an entity that played a fundamental role during the Spanish dictatorship of Francisco Franco, in which the Catalan language was a prohibited element, as were the activities of the Òmnium Cultural. Thus, in this "explanation" of Portal G1, there was no lack of "Culture" only after the word "Omnium"...

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These were the main points of irresponsibility of the G1 Portal. There were others, linked to the graphic revision, but they would be irrelevant in this editorial (maybe it is a little more relevant the ignorance about Dolors Bassa, treated in the matter as man, through the personal pronoun 'He'). It is possible that someone will make edits to the story, so you will see the recorded screenshots so that no one is tempted to say that this editorial contains false information.

We demand respect from readers, passion for detail and tireless professionalism. Portal G1, learn to better inform about Catalonia.

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