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New restriction measures against COVID in Catalonia

New restriction measures against COVID in Catalonia

With the new worsening of the epidemiological situation, the government announced new restriction measures against COVID in Catalonia. Among the main news are the mandatory termination of any activity, at the latest, at 00:30, Ea maximum number of ten people in public or private meetings. In addition, all people attending cultural events must be seated, and access to spaces that are potentially “meeting points” such as beaches or parks will be limited.

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Details of new restrictions in Catalonia

The new restrictions in Catalonia due to the new growth of coronavirus infections affect the following sectors and situations:

  • clubs: remain closed. On June 21st, the clubs were allowed to reopen, working until 03:XNUMX. However, less than two weeks later, the Catalan government imposed a new closure, due to the growing number of cases of COVID;
  • outdoor events with more than 500 people: assistants must present a negative PCR (12 hours of validity) or complete vaccination certificate. These events should end at 03:XNUMX.
  • Bars and restaurants: can be open from six in the morning to midnight and a half, and have a maximum occupancy of 50%. While customers are not at the table with their meals, the use of the mask will continue to be mandatory..
  • consumption of food and beverages in public areas: With the new restrictions, citizens will not be able to drink and eat at meetings in public spaces. Furthermore, smoking in outdoor areas is now prohibited if there is no minimum interpersonal distance of two meters.
  • stores: The 70% limit on the occupation of these commercial spaces continues.
  • amusement parks and sports practice areas: The 70% occupancy limit of these spaces continues.
  • sports competitions: matches may be attended by spectators, as long as seats have been reserved, except for state or international competition matches. The capacity of the public must be, at most, 50% in open areas, and 30% in closed spaces.
  • cultural event spaces: theaters, cinemas and auditoriums can have a maximum occupancy of 70% and a maximum of 1000 people in the interior area, and 3000 people in the external area or with reinforced ventilation. Museums and Art Galleries they may also have an occupancy of a maximum of 70%.
  • religious events: maximum 70% capacity.
  • work environments: Companies should limit service environments, and recommend remote working (when possible).


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