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Maria Dantas, for Catalonia, Brazil and rights

Maria Dantas, for Catalonia, Brazil and rights

They knew who it was Maria Dantas? No? Now they will know. Last Sunday, she got a seat as a deputy in the Spanish State Congress, representing the ERC party (Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya). The Spanish elections were marked by the threat of the Spanish extreme right, with its constant and pitiful attacks on Catalonia. We will still wait a few weeks to find out with whom the winner, Pedro Sánchez, from PSOE, will agree: with Ciudadanos (Spanish right), or will he defend an independent model, without pacts? It will be very difficult to accept the ERC's position in relation to the proposal for a referendum. This publication, however, focuses on the new deputy.

The biography about the new member of the ERC party in the Spanish Congress you can read here, on the website of journalist Taiza Brito, who released her book in April Catalonia, between hope and storm. Several Brazilian media made the conquest of Maria Dantas, but the Aqui Catalunha has a duty to go further.

What can we expect from Maria Dantas?

We need to reflect on Maria Dantas' new participation in the Iberian political scene. It will not represent a party that defends Spanish unity. Dantas is part of a political group that defends the independence of Catalonia. I would like you, dear readers, to never forget what was the 1st of October 2017. That day will be in the history books, and the youngest will be aware of the events of a day that marked the greatest movement of civil disobedience that has already occurred in Europe. A disobedience that, right now, is on trial, and that led to political prisoners and exiles.

As you can read in the interview published by the newspaper The Globe, Maria Dantas explains its relationship with Catalan independence. More than that, she explains her ideology regarding human rights. "A people has the right to self-determine", says the deputy born in Sergipe. Its performance, however, will not be limited to Catalonia's desire for self-determination and independence. Maria intends to fight against the advance of VOX, the party that most represents the Spanish extreme right, and which has the support of other similar sectors in Europe. According to the deputy, "Will fight against racism and fascism", increasingly in evidence in Spain. Sergipe also intends to “Give visibility to the great Brazilian social struggles and what has been happening in Brazil”, and compared VOX to the current president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro: "VOX is a cheap copy of it".

O Aqui Catalunha wishes Maria Dantas a great job. His new role will also be essential for more Brazilians to clearly understand the current political scenario in Catalonia. For Catalonia, for Brazil, for rights, mistletoes Maria Dantas!

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