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Joan de Serrallonga visits the Catalonia Cultural Association

Joan de Serrallonga visits the Catalonia Cultural Association

Five centuries later, and on a freezing night in São Paulo and other regions of Brazil, Joan de Serrallonga, the Catalan “Robin Hood”, visited the Associação Cultural Catalonia, invited by the speaker Felipe Alamino (for the second time in twelve months) and the president of the entity, Marius Vendrell.

The famous bandit of Catalonia, whose existence was re-signified by the popular imagination, was the center of a final debate on the relationship between banditry in Catalonia in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries and popular movements in other parts of the world, such as Brazil. Felipe Alamino, in response to the representative of the government of Catalonia in Argentina, David Poudevida-Vives, established an interesting parallel between Joan de Serrallonga and the Brazilian Lampião, known as the King of Cangaço.

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Next lecture at Associação Cultural Catalonia

after one more virtual event, which has been a significant success since the second half of last year, the Associação Cultural Catalonia prepares the next lecture, scheduled for August 20th. The speaker will be the teacher Josep Blanes Room, who presented, in September of last year, the lecture “Four XNUMXth century Catalan literary jewels“. In a few weeks, the Aqui Catalunha will announce the time of the event, and details on how registration can be made.

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