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Conversations in Catalan – event with Joel Joan

Conversations in Catalan - event with Joel Joan

This Sunday, July 18, the Associação Cultural Catalonia, with the support of the Department of Foreign Action and Open Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and in partnership with the delegations of the Catalan government in Argentina and Mexico, organizes the event Conversations in Catalan, which will feature the special participation of joel joel, one of the best known actors and directors in Catalan theater and cinema today. The conversation, which will take place through the Zoom platform, is aimed at all Catalan students and alumni from the Catalan communities in Latin America.

Among Joel Joan's most outstanding performances in catalan television, are the movie The nom, and the series Bristle Misery, The Crac e Dirty dishes. Joel Joan was also the director of the film. Phoenix 11·23. The productions that had the participation of Joel can be seen in the website from TV3.

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How to participate in conversations in Catalan with Joel Joan

Registration for the event can be done at this address, with first name, last name and email. The conversation with Joel Joan will start at 17 pm (Brasília time). If you have any questions about the event, please send a email of the Catalonia Cultural Association or for the editor do Aqui Catalunha.

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