Anti-capitalists criticize management of the current presidency of Catalonia

Dolors Sabater, leader of the anti-capitalist party CUP in the Parliament of Catalonia, has no doubts about the path taken, so far, by the presidency of catalonia. According to the deputy, the party Republican Left of Catalunya (ERC) has “non-compliance” with the agreements signed with the CUP since the beginning of the current legislature.

Dolors Sabater guarantees that "the stability of the government will depend on the focus given to its policies". The CUP leader, more specifically, does not look favorably on ERC policies related to the socioeconomic sphere, nor to the independence process.

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Sabater accuses the Catalan government of being a "faithful autonomist follower"

According to the leader of the anti-capitalist party in the Catalan Chamber, the current Catalan government, led by the ERC, has been a “faithful autonomist follower”, and recalls that the president's party Pere Aragonese it had “committed” to working for “disruption” and for “social, economic, feminist and ecological transformation”. For Dolors Sabater, the ERC party “has gone another way”.

Regarding the ecological aspect, Dolors Sabater criticizes the agreement between the governments of Catalonia and Spain for Barcelona-El Prat airport extension. In addition to this clear opposition, the CUP representative also takes a stand against the realization of 2030 Winter Olympics (Barcelona – Pyrenees), and against more “injected money” in the rescue of the Circuit de Catalunya.


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