Ada Colau asks for a "review" on the expansion of the airport in Barcelona

This Saturday, the parties of Grace, the traditional festival of this neighborhood of Barcelona in the month of August. The official and inaugural speech was made by the mayor Ada Colau and by the president of Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart.

the mayor of catalan capital took the opportunity to talk about some topics that have been much discussed over the past few weeks, such as Barcelona airport extension. On August 2, in a bilateral commission, the governments of Catalonia and Spain reached an agreement on the reform, which will cost 1,7 billion euros.

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This expansion was criticized by different political sectors in Catalonia, such as the party CUP. This week, the representative of the anti-capitalists in the Catalan Chamber, Dolors Sabater, said the reforms at the airport in Barcelona are an "ecological attack". And, along the same lines as "revisionism", the mayor Ada Colau he argued that the expansion of the Catalan airport “clearly goes against environmental commitments” and generated “concern” in society.

Among the other themes discussed by Ada Colau were the great heat waves (“They are a climate emergency”) and the refusal of the PP representation to participate in the opening ceremony of the Feasts of Gracia, since the person responsible for the inaugural speech would be Jordi Cuixart, whose political ideals differ from those that characterize the Popular Party. The mayor said that she “regrets” the PP's attitude, but that disagreeing with the person responsible for the auction is “perfectly normal and legitimate”.

Colau's speech began with a lot of booing at his administration. Amid tears, the mayor was interrupted by Jordi Cuixart, who asked the spectators to “calm down” and “let” the mayor speak.


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