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Founded on February 8, 2018, Aqui Catalunha is the first news portal in Portuguese language Since the date, some of the most remarkable moments in recent history in Catalonia have been covered, such as the municipal and parliamentary elections, the riendly match between the Catalan and Venezuelan national teams, Ea acute phase of the political conflict between Catalonia and Spain.

The main mission of the Aqui Catalunha is to introduce Portuguese-speaking readers to what is generally not presented by the major journalistic portals that have Portuguese as their primary language. For this mission to be well accomplished, we also publish the news on Facebook and Twitterand we count on the priceless collaboration of those who appreciate our work and share it.

Currently, the news portal Aqui Catalunha covers the following areas: economy, environmental sustainability, tech, education, popular mobilizations e health, entertainment (television, cinema and music), culture, politics , sport e Art.

The commitment to avant-garde garde is total, and that will continue to be, for a long time, one of the reasons for the existence of Aqui Catalunha. The other reason is the urgent need to bring closer Catalonia to as many readers as possible on the planet. Therefore, in June 2020, Aqui Catalunha opened its doors to the world with its Catalan, English and Spanish versions . The expansion to Latin American, and North American countries and to all communities capable of communicating in English and / or Spanish is a demonstration of this unique commitment.


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