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Messi makes Catalonia and the world of football smile

Messi makes Catalonia and the world of football smile

Messi makes Catalonia and the world of football smile. That's a phrase that fits most of the Argentine striker's career in the Barcelona shirt. Today, that phrase is even truer. The ace of the Catalan team won his first title with the main selection of Argentina, and ends the cycle of celebrations and lamentations of those people who, respectively, made fun and cried for Messi's anemic title history with the Argentine team. After 28 years, the Brazil's biggest rivals win a trophy again, precisely in the Maracanã.

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A conquest of Argentina on Brazilian soil it has some interesting meanings. The first one is directly related to Messi, the man who did so much for Barcelona, that it would be extremely unfair to see him end his career without a title with his selection. Unfortunately, Maradona he left before seeing a title in his country again, won while still playing for the national team.

The second interesting meaning has to do with Jair Bolsonaro. The Brazilian president fought for the Copa America to be held, ignoring the still serious situation caused by the pandemic. Initially, the competition would be organized in Argentina. However, the country, in the midst of the same health crisis experienced in Brazil, withdrew from hosting the tournament. Therefore, the way for the America Cup held in Brazil was opened. The party that Bolsonaro was looking for, in order to cover up his horrible management at the head of the government, Did not happen. Argentine party at the final of the competition and, to make it even better, at the home of big rivals.

The third and last meaning has to do with an opinion of the former coach Zagallo. he claimed that “Brazilians who support Argentina should go to the asylum”. With due respect to those who, on their own merits, have become a legend of Brazilian football, but also with the right to offer an answer to certain oddities said: Zagallo, fans support whoever they want. Why are they forced to root for a selection with such a low technical level if, on the other side, there is a player who, for many years, makes these fans smile? This same player who had never won a major title with Argentina. Certainly, in Argentina and elsewhere in the world, there were many fans who loved and cheered for Pelé's generation. Pure patriotism? You, Zagallo, don't deserve to go to any madhouse, but you deserve, now, to swallow your words.

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